Once upon a family tree

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Hourly research
 As Applicable
Hourly Research
As applicable
3 Hour Search
As much research as can be managed in the time period (varies depending on family). This budget option can be added to.
  3 hours
Bronze One
  3-4 weeks
 Bronze Two
  5-6 weeks
 Silver One
  4-6 weeks
 Silver Two
  6-8 weeks
 Gold One
  6-8 weeks
 Gold Two
  8-10 weeks
 Matrilineal Line
Up to £460 (generation dependant)
  6-8 weeks
This could be extra lines of descent and generations as far back as possible, or a one-person search, or alternative presentations. 

Please contact me to discuss.


How to pay

Payment can be made via PayPal, or by direct bank transfer. My details will be supplied when a booking is made.