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I told Lucy I didn't know my grandmother's surname. In five minutes she'd found it out and also found out what my great-grandparent's surnames were too. I was very impressed.

Stewart, Berkshire

I really wanted to get some research done so that I could give my Mum her family history for her 70th birthday. Lucy was able to get it all done in time (I’d left it a bit late), and produced a really clear diagram and a professional document that told Mum all about each member of her family, including things she’d never been told. She was delighted

Andy, Cardiff

Lucy’s background in history, social history, and archaeology really informs her work – she knows where to look for evidence on social conditions and local history to flesh out the people she found in my family tree, and she was able to unlock generations I’d only heard tiny bits about. I wasn’t surprised to hear that she had been a journalist for so many years, given how careful her research is and how well she writes. I love the document she produced.

Laura, Warwickshire

Lucy lives close to where my family came from so she could easily go to the record office to look up my family and visit churches and graveyards to track them down too. It was great service.

June, Wiltshire

We were despairing of finding my family on the 1891 census. We knew where they should have been, but they just weren’t turning up. Lucy managed to find them within a couple of hours of searching, and now we’ve completed that family line. I am so grateful.

Neil, Yorkshire

What sets Lucy apart from other family tree researchers is the quality of her work. She’s absolutely meticulous in her research, and doesn’t make assumptions. And if things don’t make sense she’ll think around the problem and try out different scenarios. There are several different versions of my family tree online, and she was able to show me which were right and which had made flying leaps of judgement.”

Will, Bristol

Lucy investigated my lineage for me a couple of years ago, and then recently I had an email from her out of the blue. She’d been in London, close to churches where my family had worshipped in the 1700s, and had remembered my family’s connection so had had a look around on my behalf and attempted to find family monuments and graves. I was really touched that she’d remembered

Steve, Bristol

Lucy found a rich seam of really interesting women in my family – unmarried sisters who hadn’t accepted the Victorian status quo, and had gone hundreds of miles away to be housekeepers or run farms. I loved reading everything she found out about them, as her writing and storytelling really brought these characters to life. I wish I’d been able to meet them now.

Liz, Wiltshire

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